Course Description

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The Swim Course:
The ½ mile swim start and finish is located on Cypress Point Beach at the dead end of Cypress point Drive.  The swim is a long rectangle starting and finishing within 50 yards of each other. 
The orange line on the map below shows the swim course.
The Bike Course:
The transition area is located at the dead end of Cypress Point Dr. in the paved parking area.  You will bike back to Hwy 35, about 1 mile, and take a right hand turn on Hwy 35 and head west.  You will go west on Hwy, 35 and take a right hand turn on Belmont Rd.  Belmont winds around and goes past The Little Tallahatchie River and River Rd.  You will turn around approximately ½ mile before Belmont crosses under Interstate 55.  You will then take Belmont back to Hwy. 35 and take a left hand turn and head east to Cypress Point Drive.  You will take a left hand turn at Cypress Point Drive and follow it back to the transition area.
The red line on the map below shows the bike course.
The Run Course:
Starting at the transition area you will run on Cypress Point Drive back to Hwy. 35 the same way that you biked out.  You will cross Hwy. 35 and run through the open field to your left.  This will take you to the drive and parking lot of the Sandstone Trail system.  You will run across the gravel parking lot to the trail head, and enter the Sandstone Trail.  This trail takes you on a 1 ½ out and back with a short loop at the end.  You will stay on the marked trail and come back through the parking lot and across the field and across Hwy. 35 back on Cypress Point Drive to the transition area.
The blue line on the map below shows the run course.